Andrew Carnegie was one of Scotland greatest industrialists. He was also one of worlds first true philanthropists and his name is now known world wide due to his giving and generosity. Even to this day his legacy lives on with millions of pounds still being distributed annually to fund education and poverty reduction

Now we know that todays business owners may not have that kind of cash to throw around but you can still do your bit to help end poverty in your area

How to support community work in your area

Ways you could support may include, for example:

  • Donate or  fundraise
  • Leave a legacy
  • Provide free resources
  • Provide free smaples of product
  • Volunteer (you or your staff) as part of your community benifits targets
  • Campaign with us on matters you care about
  • Be a Corporate / company: Partner with us / Sponsor something/someone
  • Get your colleagues involved in our events
  • Shop with us as gifts for customers or employees
  • Sponsor an event or programme
  • Get us to host a teambuilding event or training
  • help us with placements
  • Use us to help you with your recruitment
  • Give business talks to our new start businesses

You tell us! we are open all and any offers

Spread the word! Get your friends or family together as well and:

  • Fundraise together
  • Volunteer together

Remember you cannot take your wealth with you and people will remember you for your actions