Do you operate a local community group? Are you looking for occasional use of a mini bus? If so, we welcome access from any group where they share the same prime objectives as us;

(1)    to relieve poverty among the residents of Fife;

(2)    to advance education among the residents of Fife, particularly among young people and the unemployed;

(3)    to promote and/or provide training in skills in all kinds, particularly such skills as will assist residents of Fife in   obtaining paid employment;

(4)    to promote, establish and operate other schemes for the benefit of the community within Fife; and

(5)    the relief of those in financial hardship, suffering discrimination through residing in areas of multiple deprivation, by encouraging inward investment and business start-ups to take place.

If you are interested in accessing this service, please  complete the Community Use Minibus Application. Please note that an application is only final when confirmed and is subject to our terms and conditions.