Police Scotland Formula 24 Project

This project is currently run in partnership with Police Scotland - Cowdenbeath Area Community Police Team and part funded by The Robertson Trust.

The project is a preventative project that is delivered through the day, targeting young people ‘at risk’ or on the periphery of offending behaviour. We utilise the ‘hook’ of racing the F24 cars to engage with young people as a diversionary tactic. The project also provides opportunities for learning and training in a safe and unique learning environment. Young people have an opportunity to gain certificated qualifications through City & Guilds or Industry recognised qualifications such as Industrial Cadets or AQA Awards as well as the opportunity to race at events across the UK, previous teams have qualified to race at the International Finals at Rockingham Motor Speedway.

Our Project aims are;

  • Young people reduce ‘at risk’/potential offending behaviours.
  • Young people have an increased understanding of ‘at risk’ behaviours and consequences.
  • Young people’s confidence and self-esteem is increased through participation in the project.

What people say

We have had a pupil attend the Greenpower F24 this year which is run by Police Scotland and BRAG. I cannot speak highly enough of this initiative and this has been a hugely positive experience for our young person. Ever since the culmination event they have not stopped talking about how much they enjoyed it. I appreciate that this is not a project just to be enjoyed but to add context, I now have a young person who holds 3 City and Guild qualifications that would not have previously attained this. This project has exposed them to hope and opportunities that they never thought were possible. They have engaged more at school since their return and it has helped us identify ways in which we can enhance their learning going forward. I look forward to further opportunities for other vulnerable and challenging young people to benefit from this project” Depute Rector, St Columba’s High School, Dunfermline

“We established a positive working relationship BRAG Enterprises, in particular their Greenpower F24 project. There was an opportunity to use this project as a diversionary tool with young people on the periphery of criminality or those who have committed low level crimes in the community, in an area that displays high unemployment and depravation. In conjunction with BRAG we enhanced the already successful model of the F24, which would develop the communication skills and team working abilities of the young people involved, by adding educational achievements in City and Guilds qualifications. Police Officers from Police Scotland worked intensively over an 8 week period with the young people helping them to achieve and improve themselves, this allowed us to address issues around anti-social behaviour and substance misuse. From early on in the project we started to see a shift in attitudes and the groups had all bonded well, building positive relationships with each other in a safe environment. From a policing prevention point of view 87% of those that have attended this project have not been involved in any criminality since the culmination of the project and most have gone on to improve attendance/attainment at school.- Sergeant, Cowdenbeath Community Team, Police Service Of Scotland

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