Our Place is a Big Lottery programme targeting 7 specific areas in Scotland. The programme aims to put local people in control. We know that people who live in a place are the best ones to come up with a vision for their own community and what they want to see happen there. The aim of Our Place is to build stronger connections and relationships in empowering local people and organisations to lead on projects that will make a big difference to the areas that have been selected.

As well as possible funding, there is also lots of help on the ground to develop the skills and confidence of local people and organisations. The programme was launched in the Autumn of 2014 and will last 5 years.

The Big Lottery has laid the foundation for these Our Place initiatives through an Asset Based Approach, which starts from the understanding that every community, no matter where it is, has a wealth of assets and resources that lie at the heart of building sustainable and vibrant communities.

Brag are involved in the project in Auchmuty in Glenrothes, we are currently working on a number of projects including developing a Men’s Shed, a new play park and a growing project. We anticipate that once all of the area projects are in place that there will be an Auchmuty Campus, with a linked up network of community facilities and resources.

For more information on current projects http://auchmuty.ourplace.scot/

Or Contact lwalls@brag.co.uk