BRAG Enterprises launched Levenmouth Together in April 2019 to develop a community led approach to economic development within this poverty effected area. It's currently funded by Fife Council’s Economic Development Fund & the Town Centre Regeneration Fund. Levenmouth Together has been created by Brag Enterprises as a vehicle to support a range of activities that inspire the local community and businesses, to deliver a range of events that enhance opportunities for all.
BRAG’s own experience had shown that sustainable community regeneration could only happen when it was fully inclusive and it inspired the entire community to become more enterprising, where they themselves have a desire to overcome the effects of poverty. In Levenmouth we are currently working with the community to understand their needs and then, together, to identify tangible solutions whilst aligning with existing economic strategies and plans already agreed.

BRAG’s Levenmouth based teams are now successfully encouraging individuals, families, businesses, stakeholders, community groups and other initiatives to come together to improve their community whilst strengthening community cohesion. Community groups are being encouraged to recognize the Levenmouth Together model taking ownership of local events and initiatives, whilst individuals are encouraged to attend, volunteer and help to facilitate and participate within their communities. This approach helps instill community spirit and a sense of purpose in both the individual and the greater community.

From a start in May 2019 the project has delivered four well attended events such as the ‘Leven Food and Drink Festival’, ‘The Sun, See and Sound’  outdoor cinema event, ‘Leven Runfest’ and more recently the 3 day festive market ‘Fayre in the Square’ where we seen over 30 stall holders over the 3 days along with a big wheel and a visit from Santa. The events to date have been well attended by both locals and visitors alike with many coming from outside the area to attend. Local businesses have also been keen to take advantage of the additional economic activity donating goods and services as well as sponsoring some of the event costs with many high street shops reporting a much improved footfall through their doors. All profits from the events have then been added into the ‘Community Chest’, a fund for constituted community groups to apply for grants helping with their own smaller community events. This community chest has to date funded 5 community events for local groups. We have also recruited a huge number of community volunteers that have acted as Levenmouth Together hosts.

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